Sam Sherlock, Senior Corporate Account Executive

Please tell us a bit about your professional background, what attracted you to working at Gazprom Energy, and how long you’ve been with the business.

I joined Gazprom Energy straight from education. My first role was within the operations team where I worked for 18 months before transitioning over to the corporate sales team three years ago. The scale, history and reputation of Gazprom globally really attracted me to the business.

What is your position within the team, and what does your role involve day-to-day?

In my role as a Senior Corporate Account Executive, I work with Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) and direct Industrial & Commercial customers to ensure the best possible service is provided.

What makes Gazprom Energy different to other business energy suppliers?

One thing that really sets us apart is our dedication to providing great customer service, we tackle anything and everything without sending the customer away. We also really pride ourselves, particularly within the corporate team on our industry knowledge.

What do you find enjoyable and satisfying about your role within the business?

The exposure I’ve had to so many large businesses has been great! But what I really love about my role is the collaboration throughout Gazprom Energy and with our partners. There really seems to be a culture of wanting to provide the best for our customers.

What skills has your role enabled you to develop, and how do you put these into practice to benefit our customers?

It really was a huge step joining the Corporate Sales team as my first commercial role at just 20 years old! But with a lot of guidance and learning, I’ve really improved my sales approach and commercial skillset.