Tom Meredith, Corporate Account Manager

Please tell us a bit about your professional background, what attracted you to working at Gazprom Energy, and how long you’ve been with the business.

I’ve been with Gazprom Energy since February 2014 as I wanted to join a business with strong growth aspirations.

My first role was on the mid-market team before moving to the Energy Procurement (trading) desk in January2015, during this period I drove the business to improve its market update presentations at our events but also bespoke updates at customers offices to their hedging committees and I became the face of the market update. During this period, I was lucky enough to visit several of our direct customers and Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs) across the GB and Europe.

I also went on a secondment to our parent company, GM&T where I hedged the entire prompt and front-month position for Gazprom Energy’s GB demand.

At the end of January 2020, I moved across to the corporate sales team to be an account manager.

What is your position within the team, and what does your role involve day-to-day?

I manage accounts via our TPIs but also with direct customers. Throughout the day I’ll manage any new business tenders, renewals, invoicing/billing queries, metering queries and liaise with customers who are looking to make their gas supply carbon neutral.

What makes Gazprom Energy different to other business energy suppliers?

Although Gazprom Energy is one of the largest business energy suppliers in the GB it still holds an entrepreneurial quality and aims to put the customers first.

This is often found in our willingness to tailor contracts to customers’ needs and requirements rather than an off-the shelf product.

What do you find enjoyable and satisfying about your role within the business?

Keeping our customers happy and not giving them a reason to switch energy providers. I manage an account that we have supplied for over 10 years and this is simply due to the service we provide and the personnel that ensures he has a faultless supply.

What skills has your role enabled you to develop, and how do you put these into practice to benefit our customers?

As I’ve had the opportunity to work for serval departments throughout the business, I’ve gained valuable insight into the energy markets, how they operate and how it directly impacts our end users.

This therefore puts me in a position where I can work in partnership with our customers to achieve the best possible commercial and operational solution for their business needs and demand.