7 tried and tested traditional marketing tactics that still get results

14 March 2019

In today’s digital world, businesses have all manner of marketing techniques to use at their disposal. Constantly evolving and developing, modern tactics and approaches allow businesses to effectively market their services. But what of the more traditional methods once used? Do they still have a place in the present, and does their ability still stand up against the digital marketing tactics that are so popular right now?

The simple answer is yes. If you’re struggling to stretch your budget across your marketing, then looking to some tactics from the past can still ensure your time and effort is being put to good use. Low-cost and powerful, we’ll present some old-school approaches to marketing that can help you still get the results you and your business need. If you’re in need of a strategic rethink, be sure to read on for more.

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Targeted door drops

Widely recognised as a personalised, highly cost-effective tactic, door drop marketing has the potential to make a huge impact providing you do it in the proper manner. Firstly, it’s important to know the profile of your target consumer. Accurate targeting will play a large factor in your campaign’s success. You can have a hugely creative, high-quality campaign but if you’ve overlooked profiling your customers, then you’re off to a bad start.

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Having created a profile, use software and programs like Mosaic by Experian to locate the postcodes of households matching your profile. Once you know where to deliver your promotion, you’ll have to decide on the distribution methods you’ll use, which can be governed by price, timing, suitability and availability. 

Speaking engagements and face-to-face events

Whether it’s a networking event, formal talk or a client meeting, talking face-to-face can be a powerful technique. For starters, local events can help to raise awareness and build local connections, and provide potential customers with an opportunity to experience what you may offer. On a national level, these events can bring together industry experts and potential customers in one space, giving brands an opportunity to make leads the old-fashioned way: through conversation and handshakes.

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What’s key is that the event is focused on the key demographic and serves to get people interested on a personal level before connecting with the brand online.

Traditional mail

Direct mail might seem like a regressive idea when e-mail marketing can deliver strong results, but increasingly, businesses are going back to traditional mail to achieve bigger returns on their marketing spend. When you consider how many emails most office workers get every day, the traditional letter has the potential to have a massive amount of influence on the recipient. It’s an outside-the-box method that can get you big-ticket deals and a large return on investment quicker than you think.

TV and radio ads

Even today, place a huge amount of faith in TV ads. Why? Because it humanises the business and they’re still a tried-and-true means of getting big results. Even with the internet making it easy for people to interact with a business - TV and radio adverts still offer plenty of value when it comes to connecting with customers.

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If your business serves a specific community, you can opt for local TV and radio stations to target specific markets, fine-tuning the reach to have more of an impact to your immediate customers.

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The thing with digital ads and campaigns is that they’re fighting for your attention amongst other ads, as well as other clutter on your desktop and mobile device. With a billboard, the size of it towering over roads is sure to stand out to commuters. Well-designed and conceptually sound, the right billboard just needs one glance to change the mind or grab the attention of people passing by.

Referral programmes

Another marketing technique that’s straight from the old school, referral programmes can still be an effective presence in today’s digital-focused approach; people remain ever-intrigued by the age-old adage of “if you can scratch my back…”. It’s with good reason too, a referral programme can be extremely beneficial for all involved, and combined with digital methods like leveraging data to track customer preferences, it’s much easier to do than in the past.

Using the word free

Creative use of the word free can do wonders for your business, providing you don’t fall into some bad bait-and-switch practices. Word-of-mouth costs nothing; customer reviews and positive comments from industry leaders and influencers all count towards free publicity, but your marketing offering, and customer service has to match.

Offer free in the context of customer incentives, like free shipping or free samples. These are some of the older marketing techniques in the book, but they still have a huge amount of sway with people.

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