Gazprom Energy appoints new Head of UK Sales

11 September 2019

We’re very excited to announce the appointment of Dan Sullivan as our new Head of UK Sales. Dan brings with him an extensive knowledge of the energy industry, which we’re confident will help us to maintain our position as GB’s largest business gas supplier.  

daniel sullivan gazprom energy

Reporting into Grace Rothery, our Head of UK Retail, Dan will be leading a team of 40 salespeople, account managers and support teams. He’ll replace Stuart Taylor who, after 14 years of working with Gazprom Energy, has moved into a part-time role so he can focus on growing his family business alongside his wife.

Formerly with CNG, Dan has 13 years of experience within the energy sector, along with an impressive career.  Beginning his journey into the industry as a customer, Dan was the licensee of a pub built in the 15th century. The pub’s lack of energy efficiency resulted in extortionate utility bills, but luckily, Dan’s savvy approach to energy meant he was able to conduct an in-depth analysis of the market to successfully negotiate a new electricity  and gas contract. Impressively, after noticing these skills, the owners of neighbouring pubs asked him to do the same for their energy bills.

Dan decided to transfer his successful, yet accidental, energy brokering skills into a professional career, joining BizzEnergy in its customer service team before entering into its sales department.

And as part of his previous role at CNG, Dan developed and led a new sales strategy for the business, contributing towards it becoming the fastest-growing SME energy supplier for two years, placing it in competition with the market’s biggest players.  

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gazprom energy sales head

Of his appointment, Dan says: “I fell into working in the energy sector by chance, but I don’t regret it one bit. No two days in the industry are the same - with fluctuating gas prices and major events affecting energy use all the time.

“I’m excited about my new role at Gazprom Energy working alongside its existing strong team and experienced energy professionals.

“Over the years I’ve learnt what different customer types want from their energy supplier, particularly with regards to customer service. I’m looking forward to applying this at Gazprom Energy to help it go from strength to strength.”

Meanwhile, Grace had the following to say: “Dan is highly regarded within the energy sector and we’re delighted to be welcoming him to the team. He has a wealth of knowledge of the industry with a track record of delivering sustainable customer growth. Providing a positive and consistent customer experience is crucial to Gazprom Energy’s market leadership and continued growth and we look forward to the contributions Dan will make.”

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