Gazprom Energy in the Press: December 2017 and January 2018

From employee articles to newsworthy nuggets, here's how Gazprom Energy made headlines in the winter.

14 February 2018

To help keep you up-to-date, we’ve collected the biggest news stories involving Gazprom Energy from recent months, including updates on business energy and the flexibility needed to make energy buying a success.

A holistic approach to energy management

Our manager of corporate accounts, Stuart Taylor, lent his knowledge to an article for Retail Sector, detailing the importance of how businesses must understand their energy purchases and usage. 

holistic approach energy management

Stuart’s article notes that businesses must take a holistic view when managing and purchasing their energy. When businesses have used a particular energy strategy for some time, it can be challenging to get buy-in from across the organisation to make critical changes to the approach. However, regularly reviewing and adapting your approach is essential to successful energy management.

Staying limber with flexible buying strategies 

Building on the above, Stuart spoke to Connecting Industry, discussing the skills and resources needed to make buying energy a success. As a business grows, a flexible buying option is often an attractive asset, but it requires certain know-how to work. 

Stuart advises understanding the events that can cause energy prices to fluctuate, along with the effects these can have on energy resources. Stuart also touches on budgeting in the appropriate manner, including looking closely at the detailed, reliable information that’s part of your energy bills.

Stuart went on to discuss InSight, our strategic energy management tool which enables customers to access live energy prices, monitor trends and plan out scenarios to effectively manage energy buying and stay up-to-date with the energy market.  

flexible buying strategies

The importance of a solid energy strategy 

In December Industrial Plant & Equipment magazine covered our article discussing the importance of a tailored energy strategy for industrial and manufacturing businesses. 

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Stuart discusses different approaches to energy buying and the benefits of both ‘cash out’ and aggressive hedging strategies.  

Adapting your energy procurement strategy by buying for the future when prices are low, rather than purchasing for immediate needs can provide some certainty of future costs, with the option to trade back to the market at a higher price if desired.

Keeping stakeholders in the loop regarding energy pricing and ROI delivery is also crucial, according to Stuart. As energy is a critical spend within major manufacturers - energy and procurement managers must be able to demonstrate spend vs return, and also be able to provide clear, visible and accurate details of energy consumption upon request.

solid energy strategy

Making sense of business energy offers 

In an article for, we offered our insight to help provide clarity of business energy offers. With over 50 energy and gas suppliers in the energy market today, as well as hundreds of third-party brokers, things can sometimes get a little confusing. 

From assessing the different types of energy contract available, to the importance of double-checking discounts and staying abreast of the market for future deals, our article provides guidance to help businesses navigate the best energy offers available today.  

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