Gazprom Energy in the press: February & March 2018

A reshuffle of roles and an interview with our CEO; the early months brought some big news.

11 April 2018

To keep you up-to-date with our latest goings-on, we’ve collected the biggest news stories involving Gazprom Energy from February and March, including changes to our personnel and an in-depth interview with Chief Commercial Officer, Kurt Bligaard Pedersen. 

Retail team reshuffles herald new roles

retail team new starter 

 The Business Desk reported on the appointment of Grace Rothery to the head of UK retail and Mark Eccles to our general manager of retail. Previously head of legal, Grace has more than seven years of Gazprom Energy experience at her disposal with which she brings to this new role. 

As head of UK retail, she will oversee the UK commercial and operational functions based in Manchester. Of the move, Grace said: “Gazprom Energy provides great career development opportunities to its employees, supporting them with new roles and skills, and I’m looking forward to my new challenge.”

 Meanwhile, Mark has accrued plenty of industry knowledge as part of his 12 years with us and we have no doubt that he’ll succeed as his duties cast him across both the UK, France and the Netherlands. Mark stated: “We’ve experienced another impressive year and being named as the largest non-domestic gas supplier in the market again is testament to our continued investment in both customers and market strategy. 

“This is something that I aim to uphold in my new role – driving business growth even further across our key territories.”

Sustainability and growth: an interview with Kurt Bligaard Pedersen

sustainable growth business

In February, Energy Digital conducted an in-depth interview with Gazprom Energy’s CEO, Kurt Bligaard Pedersen, to discuss how we stay sustainable even as the company grows at a rapid pace. 

As well as touching on Pedersen’s start with Gazprom Energy in 2014, Energy Digital discussed our contract with retail group Arcadia and its use of flexible gas after years of fixed contracts. Optimised by the introduction of InSight, our strategic energy management tool, Pedersen noted the positive relationship with the group, saying: “As Arcadia is a retail group with many sites across the UK, all with different energy needs, its energy management is really complex. Our close customer relationship, coupled with InSight, will help them adopt and take advantage of a new flexible buying approach.”

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Elsewhere, Pedersen delved into the introduction of robotic process automation, which allows us to access a round-the-clock virtual workforce, allowing for a streamlined workflow that tackles rule-based processes while colleagues focus on duties that need a human touch.

Similarly, the adoption of the Lean Six Sigma methodology has seen the company benefit from reducing the waste created by defects and over-production. Pedersen states that Gazprom Energy’s processes are now much quicker and cost-effective, allowing us to remain sustainable even as we grow.

What’s next for Gazprom Energy as a company? Pedersen wants that initial entrepreneurial spirit to remain at the forefront as we move into the future. The RPA software mentioned above was developed by our workforce, and fresh idea creation from across the organisation is very much something Pedersen hopes for down the line, saying: “We’ll continue to give every employee a voice, regardless of their position.”

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