Gazprom Energy in the Press: January 2019

22 February 2019

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest industry events and headlines, we’ve collected Gazprom Energy’s appearances in the press throughout January 2019. In this edition, our Regulatory Manager discusses the mystery of unidentified gas, and our General Manager speculates on the future of automation in the workplace.

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What is unidentified gas, and how can it be prevented?

Writing for Energy Manager magazine last month, our Regulatory Manager Steve Mulinganie did a superb job explaining where exactly 4% of the UK’s gas goes every year. Costing the industry over £100 million, this unidentified gas never gets attributed to any customers but still has to be paid for, so Steve explained how and why this gas goes missing, as well as the impact this ends up having on the industry.

Female engineer with map inspects plant from a distance

It’s become such a problem that Ofgem has created a task force to deal with tackling the ongoing issues around the allocation of unidentified gas, which Steve notes is set to identify and address the root causes of the unexpected volatility it creates.

Alongside this, Steve says, the rollout of smart and advanced meters has the potential to support more accurate allocations of UIG. Numerous other developments are being considered, but in the fast-moving energy industry, a lot can change in 12 months. Be sure to give the rest of Steve’s article a read for more insights.

The evolution of automation: where are we heading?

General Manager Mark Eccles penned a piece for The HR Director on the topic of Gazprom Energy’s use of robotics in the workforce. The article came as a result of technology thought leader, PWC’s rather stark estimate that up to 30% of UK jobs could be automated by the 2030s.

Whilst this news may be worrying for some businesses and professionals, it could prove to benefit Gazprom Energy, according to Mark. “Introducing robotics created benefits for us as a business, and improved the working lives and productivity of our employees, too. In fact, we discovered that robots can actually lead to positive rather than negative employee engagement.”

Engineers testing equipment and making notes on portable device

We’ve taken steps into the world of robotics through the introduction of robotic process automation to speed up some of our more basic tasks. Mark notes that in doing so, we’ve freed up employees so they can focus on the “valuable and more satisfying aspects of their roles.

“We were confident that RPA would help our business operations run better after seeing it in action at several companies. The head of our IT team was involved in developing RPA at a leading mobile network operator, having worked there previously. He had seen RPA’s potential in a number of key processes, including automating SIM card swaps and carrying out credit checks, and recommended how similar benefits could be achieved within some of our own processes.”

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Mark also touches on other big changes it’s made, such as reduced redundancies and better employee engagement. It’s a detailed, insightful piece, and we’d highly recommend giving it a full read through!

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