Gazprom Energy in the press: November 2017

From keeping that start-up spirit alive to more InSight info - here's Gazprom Energy with the news from November

20 December 2017

To keep you in the loop, here’s a round-up of the biggest news stories involving Gazprom Energy from the month of November, including advice from our CCO Jon Feingold, and more coverage on our strategic energy management tool, InSight.

Gazprom Energy’s Chief Commercial Officer discusses small business growth

On the road to success, growing businesses can lose the spirit that initially fuelled them early on. Fresh Business Thinking sat published a piece from our Chief Commercial Officer, Jon Feingold, discussing how to retain the energy and enthusiasm that kick-start businesses in those initial stages.

Depending on how you approach your successes, and as third parties become involved in key decision making, Jon says that the values of your business can fade over time. Although tricky to balance your integrity with acquisition-based growth, addressing key business areas in different ways mean you still have a way of retaining the initial essence that originally set your business apart.

gazprom energy in the press

Implementing and seizing on your growth strategy without compromising on your processes and beliefs from the early days is key to staying in line with the ethos you detailed on day one. Jon points to running parts of your business like a microbusiness and emphasising collaboration. From LinkedIn to the New York Red Bulls, Jon points to thriving businesses who still do things the way they’ve always done them.

Conversely, Jon suggests never to be afraid of reinventing practices if things have grown stale. If something, such as a new company’s values aligning with your own, strengthens the way you do things then embrace them. Change is inevitable, so don’t shy away from trying new things.

InSight: An energy tool with a glowing future

Our energy management tool, InSight, continues to go from strength to strength; Energy Manager Magazine gave us some column inches last month, once again detailing this innovative tool’s many benefits to consumers and consultants alike.

InSight streamlines the process of energy procurement between Gazprom Energy and its customers, allowing organisations to track market movements and make more agile energy purchases. The article details InSight’s multiple functions, such as accessing live market prices and information, alerts, and analysing market conditions to buy when the time is right.

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As the first UK energy retailer to provide its customers with this free market and trading tool, we allow users to view the exact position of the energy market 24/7 from any internet-connected location, including mobile. Reports are updated in real time, allowing users to establish energy prices and identify the best times to buy. Strengthened by support from Gazprom Energy’s Energy Procurement team, buyers can receive information direct from InSight based on what they need.

Our own Thomas Meredith, Customer Relationship Analyst, says: “Through InSight, our customers will have access to a one-stop shop for strategic energy buying, and benefit from a more streamlined and automated energy procurement process.

“Our experience with customers finds that some businesses spend as long as a whole day a week pulling together reports to share with other departments such as finance. We wanted to give all of our flexible energy buying customers a transparent and cost effective service, and the ability to retrieve the information they need instantly”.

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