Gazprom Energy in the press: October 2018

Headlines and hot-off-the-press news from the third quarter of the year

03 December 2018

As the UK’s leading business gas supplier, we’re proud to be able to offer insights and advice on a range of industry happenings. And when Gazprom Energy hits the headlines, we like to make a big deal of things. So to keep you up to date with everything, we’ve collected the biggest Gazprom Energy new stories from October this year – including a recent £3 million deal signing with Debenhams and our views on employee mentoring schemes.

Employee mentoring schemes: Gazprom Energy provides some guidance

Though mentoring schemes are an undoubted benefit, it seems they aren’t used as much as they should be. A great way to boost performance and morale, as well as improve employee retention; mentoring is an often-overlooked element when it comes to career progression.

HR Grapevine weighed in on the issue in an article from last month, asking HR professionals across a range of industries for their opinion on the matter. Among them was our very own HR Business Partner Pamela Shoesmith, who noted that with the right methods, mentoring new employees can result in plenty of success later down the line. Not only do they help foster informal learning relationships, the support they provide to employees is especially crucial when handling change.

Pamela says: “employees can gain fresh perspectives, deal with constructive challenges and learn from someone who is non-judgemental and trusted”. Be sure to read the rest of the article for more from Pamela as well as plenty of other opinions on mentoring.

Debenhams marks the big 10 with huge deal

One of our first retail customers, high street giant Debenhams signed a three-year contract with us for the supply and management of gas to 150 of its UK stores. Following a re-tender in which we scored highly on customer service, market knowledge and exemplary management of business energy portfolios, Debenhams selected us for the huge £3 million deal.

The retailer will have access to our strategic energy management platform InSight, allowing it to monitor gas market prices in real time, keep track of trends and signals, and help it to trade accurately. Alongside this, we’ll provide them with AI-based analysis software to continually monitor their energy consumption, notifying them of any issues should they arise.

For more on the deal, as well as some insight from our own Head of UK Sales, please check out the rest of the article.

The changing face of the business deal 

In the digital age, business deals are no longer a matter of firm handshakes and face-to-face conversation. Online buys are increasingly key thanks to the growing influence of e-commerce within B2B markets, as we discussed in a guest article for  

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With retail giants making inroads into the B2B market, most B2B purchasing now involves the web in one way or another, with the majority of buyers electing to do some online research instead of interacting with sales reps. Streamlined websites are a far cry from the hard to navigate e-commerce pages of yesteryear, making purchases simpler than ever. This translates into a smoother business deal with less middle-men and more direct contact with the manufacturer. 

From business energy to office furniture, the process of buying is much easier for start-ups and nascent businesses. Give the rest of the article a read if you’re looking for more on how business deals are evolving to match our modern times.

Gazprom Energy is a leading and award-winning business energy supplier, helping thousands of small businesses manage their gas and electricity contracts. To find out more about what we can offer your business, visit the homepage or call us today on 0161 837 3395.

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