Gazprom Energy in the press: Q3 2018

Stay up-to-date with the latest goings-on at Gazprom Energy. Here’s how we hit the headlines in the third quarter of the year.

24 October 2018

We’ve collected the biggest news stories featuring Gazprom Energy from July to September, to keep you in the loop with how we’ve been getting on as we approach the end of the year. This edition includes a contribution from our own Phil Ivers and the results of an energy purchasing survey we conducted.

Gazprom Energy’s Phil Ivers talks the changing tide of the energy market 

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Our very own Head of Customer Optimisation, Phil Ivers, penned an opinion piece for Energy Manager Magazine on the upcoming changes that the UK energy market might be facing soon.

Phil cited the growth of independent suppliers, mergers and acquisitions in key markets, as well as an end to ‘sleeping’ customers sticking to the same tariffs, as reasons for the upheaval. He says: “An evolving market has seen the government scrutinise energy bills. The big six’s market share dropped to a record low of 79 per cent for electricity and 78 per cent for gas in December 2017, and as they continue to come under fire from both the media and the general public, they bear the brunt of regulation changes and industry issues”.

Additionally, Phil notes that supermarkets, housing associations, charities and councils are gaining ground in supplying energy too, generating new revenue streams and increasing customer loyalty through this new service. The upshot of this, Phil says, is that SMEs are taking action when it comes to finding better energy deals elsewhere. 

The next six months are likely to challenge the whole market, according to Phil. As we see the rest of the year unfold, who will weather the changes will become more apparent.

Survey says: Price still number one on energy purchasing

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Energy in Buildings & Industry reported the results of our annual customer survey, that found that price competitiveness is still the number one influence when it comes to energy purchasing decisions.

Out of the 300 responses, 86 per cent of the participants – ranging from large corporates to small SMEs – stated that they look for energy pricing that’s fair and competitive. Behind by one per cent was transparent pricing, while both clear and accurate invoicing, as well as overall value for money, shared third place with 83 per cent. 

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Supplier simplicity, stronger communication, and more user-friendliness were also factors in purchasing, illustrating the importance and need for making contact as uncomplicated and straightforward as possible. Additionally, the article reveals the key reasons for switching energy providers. 

Customer service came in second place, which is a clear reminder that while price often informs energy purchasing decisions, the onus is on energy providers to prioritise the needs of customers and deliver an all-encompassing service to those dealing with them.

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