Gazprom Energy in the press: Q3 and Q4 2016

From opinion pieces to strengthening business, the end of the year had plenty of news for us.

12 January 2017

And to make sure you never miss any of our press activity, we have rounded up the latest news by quarter.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest Gazprom Energy news from July to December 2016, we’ve rounded up the biggest news stories involving Gazprom Energy, from new deals to changes in the energy market.

Analysing gas price market trends and switching energy supply

Our very own Phil Ivers, head of customer optimisation, wrote about the considerations small businesses must take into account when they’re switching energy supplier or renewing their contract.

Detailing the partial closure of Rough, the UK’s largest natural gas storage site, Phil noted the potential impact this could have on gas supply and prices. He went on to discuss how the media have been quick to point out an increase in importing gas from overseas during the winter months.

Does this mean a potential spike in gas prices? Similar situations arose in 2013, and what of the implications for Rough’s future? With further closures planned, Phil considers the impact this could have on gas supply in this country, and how small business owners should take heed of similar market issues in order to inform their own energy procurement decisions.

gazprom energy siemens energy supply

Gazprom Energy puts greater service into Siemens energy supply

As reported by Efficient Energy, we worked closely with Siemens’ UK operations to deliver an optimised internal customer service, helping to streamline its dealings with hundreds of business units and its internal customers every day.

At the heart of Siemens’ regional energy provision, our gas and electricity contracts are integral to the smooth running of its day-to-day business to ensure not just premium customer service, but the opportunity to buy at the right price, volume and time.

From same day response and speedy resolutions, to extensively planned solutions for future challenges, we work extremely closely with Siemens, letting them benefit from both flexible gas buying and superb service and support. In doing so, our relationship with Siemens allows them more time to focus on their energy strategy, letting them look at the bigger picture while we work on the little things.

 public sector energy buying

Evolving approaches to public sector energy buying

Writing for Energy Manager Magazine, our Senior Corporate Account Manager, Mark Doyle, discussed the significant changes affecting the public sector’s approaches to energy buying in the current economic climate.

As a result of an increase in innovation spending and an intense desire to improve energy efficiency, the public sector has seen several organisations revise their current energy contract and consumption, opting for flexible contracts over the more traditional fixed approach.

While fixed contracts do provide the budget certainty often needed in public sector and more risk-averse organisations, having the option to adopt a flexible contract model indeed has its benefits too.

With a flexible purchasing agreement, energy management is firmly in the buyers’ hands, enabling them to buy and sell at set volumes and budgets, with the opportunity to take advantage of price dips caused by market fluctuation. Additionally, buyers are able to spread their energy decisions across months or years by buying future energy up to 12 months ahead, an attractive proposition for organisations whose energy procurement is a key strategy within their business.

The increasing popularity of AMR (automated meter reading) technologies further demonstrates organisations’ desire to monitor their energy consumption more closely than ever before, since they remove the need for estimated billing and provide increased cost certainty.

 energy market regulation

What small business owners need to know about new energy market regulation

Writing for Business Advice, Steve Mulinganie – Gazprom Energy’s regulation and compliance Manager – spoke about the changes small businesses face with regards to energy market regulation.

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Bolstered by a June 2016 report from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Steve notes the changes that encompass four core areas of interest, including increasing customer engagement, creating a framework for effective competition through settlement, industry governance and wholesale market remedies.

One of the most significant changes is an Ofgem-created database that holds the information of small businesses on default, rollover or deemed contracts with the same energy provider for more than three years. This allows rival suppliers to market to customers via post. This new-found transparency is enhanced by the fact that energy suppliers will have to provide online quotes for small and micro businesses, allowing SMEs to get a price simply by entering their postcode and level of consumption.

Likewise, SMEs on rolled-over contracts can now terminate their contract with 30 days’ notice. In addition, the report makes note of the percentage of micro businesses that were on default electricity rates. These were customers placed on rates that weren’t negotiated. Ending these fixed period auto-rollover contracts means that SME owners can now find better market rates.

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