Gazprom Energy launches strategic energy management system

Our streamlined, flexible energy management tool is here to help manage your strategic energy buying

19 July 2017

Providing a real-time and in-depth view of the energy market, InSight allows businesses to analyse changing costs and potentially secure more favourable prices on their energy procurement.

We are the first UK energy retailer to provide customers with a free market and trading tool – helping them oversee the energy market at all times, from any internet-connected device. Offering a transparent and simple service is integral to the Gazprom Energy ethos, and InSight will further support this – making it easier for the energy managers and procurement teams that work with Gazprom Energy to make strategic and informed buying and selling decisions.

24-hour access to the energy market

One of the great advantages provided by InSight is the 24-hour access to the energy market – giving customers complete freedom to analyse activity any time on any internet-connected device. This accessibility is vital to energy managers who want a service which offers up-to-date information and fits around their busy schedule.   

energy market monitoring

The tool actively alerts customers when energy prices fall within user-defined price thresholds, enabling them to act with increased agility. With the ability to view the user’s exact energy position, alongside market trends, InSight provides customers with more information and a greater depth of historical reports to help make important energy buying decisions.

InSight also features a simulation mode, in which users can test how their spending could be affected by certain purchases and trades. Again, this foresight allows for improved clarity, and reduces the risk of making an untimely or miscalculated move. For large businesses making huge movements in the energy industry, this could lead to significant savings in both the short and long term.

Streamlined buying, selling and reporting

Not only will InSight help Gazprom Energy customers secure more favourable rates on their gas and electricity usage, it can help streamline the process. Less time will be spent on analysing the market and anticipating activity, and more time will be spent strategically trading and reaping the rewards.

Energy customers using InSight can also create bespoke reports detailing the relevant information in a simple, digestible manner. This is particularly useful for energy managers and procurement teams who report on costs and savings to their financial directors and the board.

energy procurement tool

Thomas Meredith, customer relationship analyst at Gazprom Energy enthused: “Through InSight, our customers have access to a one-stop shop for strategic energy buying, and can benefit from a more streamlined and automated energy procurement process. This means that energy managers can buy and sell energy much quicker, and view the position of the energy market all in one solution. We don’t want to merely give customers the data they need to make energy buying decisions; we want to give them something more interactive that provides the answers they need to map their own position against changes in the energy market.

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“Our experience with customers finds that some businesses spend as long as a whole day a week pulling together reports to share with other departments such as finance. We wanted to give all of our flexible energy buying customers a transparent and cost effective service and the ability to retrieve the information they need instantly.”

InSight is just one way in which the Gazprom Energy team are continually looking to improve the service provided to our business customers and consultant partners. By offering complete transparency during the energy buying and selling process, we can help our customers secure the most favourable deals in the most efficient manner. And with the backing of one of the world’s largest energy companies, we are able to provide this progressive and reliable service on a large scale.

Signing up for InSight is incredibly simple for Gazprom Energy customers, simply get in touch with the energy procurement desk and they will process the request. Or, to request an online or face-to-face demo, please visit the InSight page.

For more news and information about business energy, take a look at the Gazprom Energy blog. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out about InSight or any of our business energy products, visit the homepage or call our energy procurement desk on 0161 837 3395.

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