Gazprom Energy ranked as largest non-domestic gas supplier in the UK

The Cornwall Insight report has been released. And there's great news for Gazprom Energy.

18 July 2017

The report, published on 10 July 2017, recognises Gazprom Energy’s position – a result of strategic growth, as well as improving customer service and market development. Securing business from competitors in 2016, and the first half of 2017 has provided a huge boost for Gazprom Energy.

According to the Cornwall Insight report, Gazprom Energy owns a volume market share of 20.5% as of April 2017. This is up from an 18.3% share, posted in October. With gains in all sectors, Gazprom Energy moved ahead of Total Gas & Power (19.6%) and the new leading figure represents the largest market share posted since the report was first published in 2005.

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Mark Eccles, Chief Commercial Officer UK at Gazprom Energy says: “This number one position in a market of over 50 providers is welcome evidence of our continued investment in customer and market strategy over the past 12 months, as well as the transfer of our WINGAS UK customers to Gazprom Energy.

“We’ve focused on always putting the customer first, whether that’s a large energy intensive enterprise or a start-up business, to ensure we’re offering the right mix of products, service and help to all.”

Among Gazprom Energy’s great gains in recent months was the churn rate of competitors. Gazprom successfully secured the largest transfer of supply from Statoil, and also gained a significant amount of business from British Gas.

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Venturing into OJEU tender contracts has also helped grow Gazprom Energy’s service provision, winning several local government contracts and flexible tariff basket deals.

Mr Eccles further commented: “We’ve also been investing significantly in customer service, including new tools to keep strategic energy buyers better informed on market trends and developments, and automation to help small business customers purchase energy quickly but competitively online.

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“We have been working hard for some time to give customers what they want by delivering the highest levels of satisfaction. For us market leadership is all about the customer – listening to them and providing precisely what they need – so this is testament to the success of our ongoing strategy.”

The future looks increasingly bright for Gazprom Energy, consolidating existing business and services, whilst also targeting new areas for growth. Amongst these new ventures are gas shipping services and targeted growth in France and the Netherlands.

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