How Energy Management Partners can support your Business

09 February 2022

As a business, there are all sorts of reasons as to why managing your energy usage is important. From reducing operational costs and minimising consumption to cutting down on carbon emissions in order to meet sustainability targets, put simply: energy management matters.

But properly managing your energy takes time, effort and know-how. And alongside its usual duties, a business might not have the resource to take care of its energy management by itself. That’s where an energy management partner comes in.

Alongside our partnership with Energy & Technical Services (ETS), an energy management consultancy that uses smart building technology and connectivity to create more efficient, sustainable buildings for businesses, we’ll take a look at how partners like ETS can help support your business.

What is energy management?

Broadly speaking, energy management is the proactive and organised management of energy use across a building or organisation so that both environmental and economic requirements are met.

Energy management isn’t confined to one specific sector. Companies of all kinds can benefit from energy management in order to reduce their operating costs. And while requirements and practices will certainly differ from sector to sector, the same core principles apply to all companies as follows:

  • Collection of energy data and metering your energy consumption
  • Identifying opportunities to save energy
  • Taking the appropriate steps to save energy
  • Monitoring progress and areas for improvement

These energy-saving efforts can take different forms. It may be that a business wants to make its operations more efficient through its premises or the equipment used on-site, or it may seek to increase its awareness of energy matters.











What is the role of an energy management partner?

A business can achieve its energy aims by working with an energy management partner. These external bodies are used to help a business be more efficient in its energy use and reduce energy-related costs in areas that may put a dent in company coffers.

From procuring energy at more attractive prices to making physical changes to the building itself in order to be more energy efficient, energy management partners can achieve this in a variety of different ways.

The work that energy management partners conduct can provide notable benefits to businesses of all kinds. By recommending changes, they can help you to reduce overheads that might have previously affected a business’ bottom line. And by affecting changes in energy consumption, a business can increase its green credentials in the process.

In an age where customers, consumers and companies themselves are more aware of the impact that business operations can have on the environment, a more energy-efficient approach is undoubtedly a strong look.

A more mindful approach to energy usage not only demonstrates care for the community at a local level and the world at large, it provides companies with a competitive advantage. This goes a long way to attracting the best talent, who may shun companies that aren’t as savvy or conscientious about the way their actions affect the environment around them.

Gazprom Energy energy management partners

How can an energy management partner reduce energy consumption?

When a business takes on the services of an energy management partner, the partner will typically conduct a series of audits to measure both a business’ energy consumption and the cost of the consumption itself. By illuminating these areas, the partner can then identify where a business can reduce the amount of energy it consumes.

By taking a thorough look at every aspect of a business’ energy consumption (including machinery, equipment and the building itself), partners can propose and then put in place specific strategies so that a business can become more efficient in its energy usage.

Some partners will also assess the business’ procurement of energy including where they’re getting it from and the amount they’re paying for it. Equipped with these insights, they’ll then be able to provide ways to procure energy at more affordable rates.

The services of an energy management partner also help to take the pressure off your business, so it’s free to carry on with its operations without getting tied up in the more granular details of an energy audit. For busy businesses that are continually growing, having a dedicated service to take care of things for them can be an enormous benefit.

Gazprom Energy’s Partnership with ETS

In partnering with ETS, we’re now able to signpost Gazprom Energy customers to a consultancy that can support them with the energy audits we mentioned above. With ETS, our customers can access a wealth of energy management and building services knowledge and experience accrued over the course of 20+ years.

By opting for the services of ETS, our customers have the opportunity to turn their building into a real asset. With the insights and expertise of chartered engineers, renewable energy experts, carbon experts and qualified project managers, ETS can improve the efficiency of your business’ building in a number of different ways.

Through smart use of data and analytics, their investigations, proposals and implementations, your building can optimise its operational efficiency to keep running costs low, improve sustainability and carbon performance, and create healthy, smart, and flexible workspaces that allow your employees to thrive. They’ll even be able to futureproof your building so that it always stays at the cutting edge of energy efficiency.

Phil Warren, Director at Energy & Technical Services (ETS), commented:

“ETS is proud to have an association with one of the largest gas suppliers in Europe. We are supportive of their environmental and social responsibilities and are looking forward to assisting Gazprom Energy clients in their energy efficiency and net-zero drives.

Gazprom Energy is a leading supplier of business energy, offering competitive gas and electricity contracts that are simple to set up and manage. For more information, visit the homepage or call our team today on 0161 837 3395.

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