How SMEs can save energy and boost cash flow

Businesses on the up and up must control energy spend in the long term.

13 October 2015

This is according to figures from the Close Brothers Business Barometer, which suggest that 35% of business owners in the UK believe that cash flow and funding issues are the only factors holding back accelerated growth.

For businesses to grow successfully they need to maintain a healthy working capital, and control their cash flow so sufficient funds are available. This not only allows for greater flexibility and more room to invest, but offers peace of mind to stakeholders when the business begins to implement its plans for future growth.

While there are a number of different ways to encourage business growth, the most fundamental element is maintaining a healthy cash flow — but how do small businesses do this? The simplest way is to take stock of spending and implement appropriate cash flow planning, ensuring there is enough capital to forge ahead with investment and growth.

Control the energy spend

It’s no secret that energy prices have been rising in recent years, prompting many businesses to take a closer look at where their money is going. However, according to recent research, 70% of small businesses in the UK are still unsure of how to compare prices and many remain inefficient in their day-to-day operations, with 20% of energy used by UK businesses going to waste.

To help small business owners take action to improve their net capital, we’ve created this infographic explaining how SMEs can save energy and boost cash flow by better harnessing energy use.


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So, by making simple changes to how your business plans ahead when choosing its energy contracts, embraces state-of-the-art smart meter technology, and engages its employees with the importance of energy saving, you could stand to improve the health of your cash flow — the key to successful business growth.

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