How the right lighting can help your salon shine

19 August 2015

Last year, an Aberdeenshire hair salon cut its energy bills by 87% in just 12 months after introducing a number of eco-friendly upgrades to its 40-year-old salon.

The innovative company, Elan Hair Design, went to great lengths to reduce its annual energy bill from £6,100 to just £797, in turn increasing turnover by 14%. Although the salon installed solar panels, energy saving motion detectors, and low-temperature radiators, one of the key aspects of its refit involved the introduction of LED lighting.

So what could switching to more economical lighting mean for your salon?

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Save money

By introducing energy efficient bulbs into the working environment, salons can reduce their electricity costs and free up cash to be spent elsewhere within the business.  For salons looking to purchase new equipment or more expensive treatments, this can help them to access money that was previously being wasted unnecessarily. 

LED lights are believed to save businesses hundreds in energy bills. To find out how much you could save by switching to LED lights, enter your details into an online cost calculator

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Be environmentally friendly

Saving money isn’t the only perk of using carefully selected lighting. By using energy-saving bulbs, salons can also reduce their impact on the environment too. Eco-friendly salons that have already made an effort to be as sustainable as possible are seeing the benefits through a boost in profits and an increase in both staff and customer satisfaction. 

Lauren Milton, salon coordinator at Elan, says: "Doing this has created more loyalty. People working here now feel like they’re part of something and are proud of it."

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Create a stylish environment

Suitable lighting can be a great addition to any salon and can improve the company’s image. It can compliment furniture, highlight decor, and create the perfect ambience to impress customers. By introducing a range of lights from overhead LEDs to eye level lights, stylists can immediately transform their salons to create a more welcoming environment. 

Compliment clients’ hair colouring

Even the most talented stylists could see their creations appearing dull and lifeless if suitable lighting is not introduced. A disappointed customer is the last thing that stylists want and so by carefully choosing bulbs that emphasise clients’ hair tones, new styles can be presented accurately.  

energy efficient hair salon

While unrivalled cuts and talented stylists are crucial in any hair salon, appropriate lighting is another key aspect for hairdressers to consider. Not only do bright lights allow hairstylists to do their jobs properly and enable clients to see their new styles at their best, they can also help salons to reduce their energy bills, boost their customer base and increase profits.  

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