Two-thirds of UK workers care about business energy saving – do yours?

Improved sustainability could lead to an increase in employee satisfaction, survey shows.

21 September 2015

As a result, in order to keep their workforce happy, businesses would be wise to cater to their employees’ needs by introducing sustainability initiatives where possible.

Although some companies invest a great amount of money into going green, large-scale changes aren’t always necessary in order to reap the benefits of energy efficiency. Companies could see an increase in employee satisfaction with the help of a few small tweaks to their business gas and electricity usage.

So, how can companies make the most of these potential benefits and increase their employees’ workplace satisfaction in the process?

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Inform and involve your workforce

In order to get the wheels in motion, business leaders should gather employees together to explain what the company is looking to achieve and how it plans to reach its energy efficiency goals. This could involve small measures such as turning off equipment to reduce the cost of energy bills, or larger initiatives such as cycle to work schemes.

One of the best ways to keep new and existing employees up to date with on-going energy saving initiatives is to draw up an energy efficiency policy, detailing all the actions and responsibilities you expect from them in order to achieve current efficiency targets.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to engage employees in energy efficient working practices, our guide has lots of helpful tips and guidance. Alternatively, for further resources, we’d recommend the Carbon Trust’s guide on how to create an energy awareness campaign, which can be accessed here.

Set an energy-conscious precedent among employees

As a business owner or manager, it’s important that you take the lead on any energy saving schemes and practices, and set a precedent to your employees to show that you’re committed to energy efficient best practice. Make sure they’re aware of your responsibilities, as well as their own, and take the lead on making small behavioural changes around the workplace to encourage and promote greater energy awareness.

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Worryingly, less than half of the 1,118 workers surveyed in the YouGov study said that their workplace ensured lights and computer monitors are switched off when not in use, whilst just 18% said that regular energy audits are carried out to ensure energy isn’t being wasted unnecessarily.

This demonstrates that the majority of businesses need to make small behavioural amends to how they manage and approach energy. In delegating specific roles to employees, business leaders and managerial staff can ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them, and reap the benefits of cheaper energy bills and a more environmentally conscious working environment.

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Incentivise your workforce to encourage behavioural change 

Although it’s clear from the data that employees are passionate about saving energy while at work, employers could see a boost in participation if they incentivise their energy saving initiatives. It could be worth considering splitting staff members into teams and giving each group an energy saving goal to achieve within a specified time frame. Rewards for the winning team can help maintain motivation, but it is important that businesses consider whether they’ll be able to offer such rewards on a continuous basis. If teams suddenly stop reaping the rewards of something they benefited from previously, aspirations may dwindle.

With the right strategy in place, companies large and small can increase employee morale, satisfaction and productivity while reducing staff turnover and, in turn, recruitment costs. Not only that, businesses could also see a reduction in their energy bills along with a boost in profits and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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