What first jobs did the world’s most successful business leaders have? [Infographic]

The business world's movers and shakers - what they used to do for a living.

02 November 2016

With millions to their name and multinational corporations at their beck and call, it can be hard to believe that the world’s foremost entrepreneurs rose from anything resembling ordinary and humble origins. But while it’s easy to assume successful business leaders carried a silver spoon from cradle to the corner office, their CVs tell a different and altogether more unassuming story.

The First Jobs of Successful Business Leaders

From Simon Cowell, Alan Sugar and Richard Branson to the most powerful CEOs of the US; many of the world’s most revered business people began their careers not through hereditary wealth, power or influence, but through perseverance, bright ideas and a willingness to work hard to achieve their career goals.

So if you’ve ever wondered what today’s business elite did early in their careers, join us as we explore the first jobs of the world’s most successful and influential business leaders.

first jobs of business leaders

For everyday business professionals clinging to the notion of success, understanding what some of the world’s most renowned business minds did early in their careers can be gratifying and encouraging.

The business leaders listed above may be phenomenally wealthy today. But theirs are success stories capable of inspiring the next generation of bright and budding entrepreneurs — giving them the encouragement and sense of self-belief required to reach the top.

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Today’s up-and-coming professionals can learn a lot from these influential business leaders, who too started from the bottom rung of the ladder and proved that anyone with great ideas and steadfast determination can excel in their chosen field.

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