Who supplies my business electricity and gas?

Confused where it comes from? All your business gas and electricity supply questions answered.

24 September 2015

Although a fresh start can be exciting, moving business premises has been revealed to be one of the biggest fears of the UK’s small businesses.  In fact, three quarters of small businesses delay making a move because they’re worried about the transition — with transferring the gas and electricity supply being just one of the tasks which need to be organised.

Though it may not feature at the top of the priority list, it’s important to determine where your energy supply is coming from and whether you could switch for a better deal for your business — and the sooner the better.

Even if you decide to stick with the current supplier at your new business premises, you must contact them to let them know that you’ve moved into the building, and provide them with up-to-date meter readings so you’re billed correctly from the start.

Whether you have switched energy supplier, or have moved location, it’s important to submit an up-to-date meter reading to your new supplier, so that you’re only billed for the energy your business consumes.

In this guide, we provide practical information on how to find out which company is supplying gas and electricity to your premises, including useful contact information and advice on how to get the best deal at your new address.

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Who supplies my gas?

One of the easiest ways to find out who supplies your business gas involves contacting your landlord or the previous owner of the property. Often, previous tenants will leave bills behind, which would also inform you of who your supplier is.

However, if this isn’t the case or if they’re unable to help you, you can call the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524. Before you call, you’ll need to have your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) handy, which is the unique gas supply reference for your meter. This is between six and ten numbers long and can be found on your gas meter itself. This is what the helpline will use to identify who your supplier is.

However, if you are struggling to locate this number, the Meter Number Helpline should be able to assist you with this, too. 

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Who supplies my electricity?

If you don’t have access to a previous electricity bill, you’ll need to contact the local distribution company which operates in the region where your premises is located. The UK electricity network is divided into large regions, each with its own local electricity distributor. We’ve listed the contact information for all the regional distributors below.

Region & Distributor

North Scotland
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
Tel.: 0800 048 3515
Website: ssepd.co.uk/Home

Central & Southern Scotland
SP Energy Networks
Tel.: 0330 1010 300
Website: spenergynetworks.co.uk

North East England & Yorkshire
Northern Powergrid
Tel.: 0800 011 3332
Website: northernpowergrid.com

North West England
Electricity North West
Tel.: 0800 195 4141
Website: enwl.co.uk

Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales & North Shropshire
SP Energy Networks
Tel.: 0330 1010 300
Website: spenergynetworks.co.uk

East Midlands & West Midlands
Western Power Distribution
Tel.: 0800 096 3080
Website: westernpower.co.uk

South Wales & South West England
Western Power Distribution
Tel.: 0800 096 3080
Website: westernpower.co.uk

London, South East England & Eastern England
UK Power Networks
Tel.: 0845 601 4516
Website: ukpowernetworks.co.uk

Southern England
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
Tel.: 0800 048 3515
Website: ssepd.co.uk/Home

If you’re not sure which region your premises is in, visit the Energy Networks Association (ENA) website and pop your postcode into their handy network finder. This will provide you with all the useful contact information you need to find your energy supplier.

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What next?

Once you’ve found out who your energy supplier is, you should assess whether you want to enter into a formal contract with them. While sticking with the same company may seem like an effective time-saver, many businesses could find themselves saving a substantial amount of money if they switch.

At the very least, contact a few suppliers for an energy quote to ensure your business is being charged competitive energy prices.

What happens if I want to keep the same supplier?

If you’re happy with the energy supplier at your current address and would prefer to stick with them after you’ve moved premises, you’ll need to tell your supplier before you leave your current property. They will arrange a new agreement for your new address and you can contact the supplier at the new address to let them know you’re switching supplier. Consider comparing prices before you decide to stick with the same supplier, however, as the price you pay for energy will differ from property to property. For more information, here is a link to our moving premises help & support page.

How to switch for a better energy deal

Switching from one energy company to another can also be quick, easy, and cost-effective – and, contrary to popular belief, won’t cause any disruption to your supply.

Switching to Gazprom Energy

Here at Gazprom Energy, we understand how challenging it is to run a small business and how valuable your time and resources are. As a result, we’ve shaped our switching process to save you time, and with our competitive rates, money too. Get a business gas or electricity quote to find out how much we can save your business.

The views, opinions and positions expressed within this article are those of our third-party content providers alone and do not represent those of Gazprom Energy. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this article are not guaranteed. Gazprom Energy accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or representations.

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