Business & commercial energy

At Gazprom Energy, we’re dedicated to helping thousands of businesses just like yours better manage their energy costs.

With our award-winning team, range of energy contracts and simple five-step switching process, we have helped businesses of all sizes and across all sectors find better energy deals. 

We offer fully fixed and pass-through contracts covering both gas and electricity, so you can choose the solution that best suits your business. We also offer a variety of flexible purchasing products for professional energy buyers and those who wish to take more control of energy procurement.

Shield – Fully fixed gas and electricity contracts

Shield is our fully fixed price contract for gas and electricity – built for businesses looking for total protection against market fluctuations.  

Peace of mind for small and medium businesses

Our Shield Gas and Shield Electricity products are ideal for businesses who value security and clarity because prices remain fully fixed for the duration of the contract. Benefits offered by our Shield products include:

  • Protection against market fluctuations and changes in third-party charges
  • Easy budgeting
  • Fixed energy prices for up to a maximum of three years (Shield Electricity) or five years (Shield Gas)

If you’re interested in Shield Gas or Shield Electricity for your business, please use our quick quote tool for a free, no-obligation quote or contact the Gazprom Energy team on 0333 443 2569.

True – Pass-through gas and electricity contracts

Combining the protection of a fixed energy contract with the flexibility of paying actual third-party costs, our True contracts are perfect for businesses looking to make potential savings on non-commodity costs.  

Opportunities for savings on energy

Our True Gas and True Electricity products offer a fully fixed commodity rate so you’re protected against fluctuations in the wholesale market, but your transportation rates will change in line with changes in third-party charges because we pass these charges onto you.

This means you could potentially see your energy costs fall throughout the year. 

Benefits offered by our True products include:

  • A degree of certainty, thanks to a fixed wholesale energy cost
  • Bi-annual adjustments to third-party costs with the potential for savings
  • Fixed energy prices for up to three years (Shield Electricity) or five years (Shield Gas)

If you’re interested in True Gas or True Electricity for your business, please contact the Gazprom Energy team on 0333 443 2569.