Our TPI Pricing Portal

We want to make things as simple as possible for our customers and partners, and this extends to the software and systems we include as part of our service to the brokers and consultants we work with.

Our Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Pricing Portal has been continually updated and improved based on feedback from the third party intermediaries we work with on a daily basis. This has helped us to implement key changes to the functionality and ease of use of the Pricing Portal, ensuring that all of our TPIs can extract maximum value from the service.

In 2016, we carried out a survey in which 88% of our current TPIs said they find our portal easy to use, and over 70% surveyed said our portal is better than those offered by our competitors. Our system has been specifically developed for our TPIs, and offers a fast and convenient way to log, review, retrieve and refresh quotes, contracts and client information in one place - helping to streamline processes for all of our TPIs and partners.

Watch the animation below to see just how easy to use our TPI Pricing Portal is!

If you’re not already registered to use the portal, please click here to register.

Once your registration has been processed, you’ll be able to request prices for your single-site customers and generate quotes and contracts in a matter of minutes — saving you a lot of time and effort. Should you encounter any issues or problems when using the portal, we have a team on hand to help from 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday. For further assistance, please see our SME team contact details below.

By email: matrixpricing@gazprom-energy.com

By phone: 0161 837 3389