Business electricity

Here, we provide a range of business electricity products tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Why choose Gazprom Energy for your business electricity?

There are many benefits to entrusting your business electricity to Gazprom Energy, including:

  • Help and support from our UK-based customer service team
  • We’re a multiple award-winning team with over 15 years’ experience
  • We offer our eligible customers free AMR/smart meters
  • All of our customers are given access to our online customer portal
  • We’re globally recognised, and part of one of the world’s largest gas companies

How to switch your commercial electricity to Gazprom Energy

In five simple steps, you can simply switch from your current supplier to our award-winning service. Begin the process with our handy how-to guide here, or alternatively, give the video below a watch:


Moving from your old supplier to Gazprom Energy takes a minimum of 15 working days, during which we’ll do all the legwork. Please note, your Gazprom Energy electricity supply can’t begin until your existing business gas contract has been terminated.


Business electricity contract options

Fixed-rate contracts

For peace of mind and complete price security, our fixed-rate contracts are tailor-made for small to medium sized businesses.


Pass-through contracts

Our pass-through contracts are perfect for businesses that want a degree of flexibility when taking control of their energy costs.

As a minimum, the commodity part of your electricity price is fixed, giving you reassurance that only changes in third party charges can affect your price.


Flexible purchasing contracts

For large businesses, our flexible purchasing contracts can help you procure electricity when the market is at its most favourable.


How does business electricity pricing work?

Business electricity tariffs are made up of two charges. The unit rate is what you pay for each unit of electricity you use and is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). The second charge is the standing charge and is what you pay to your energy supplier on a daily basis for maintaining your service and managing your account.  

The price of electricity is also determined by the following:

  • Annual energy usage
  • Postcode
  • Length of contract

For more information on reading your electricity meter, check out our how-to guide here or for an automated, hands-free meter reading, learn about half-hourly metering here.


Why compare business electricity contracts?

Whatever your needs and goals are, comparing business energy contracts is very important as it can provide financial benefits for your business. Familiarise yourself with our guide to comparing business energy quotes before you sign on the dotted line.


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