Fixed rate electricity contracts

Providing protection against uncertainty and complete budget security, Gazprom Energy offers fixed-rate contracts for business electricity.

Perfect for small and medium businesses, these fixed-rate deals make it easier for you to budget for energy use. 

The energy market can fluctuate, affecting the wholesale price of electricity. And the third-party charges included in your electricity rates change throughout the year. This means that small and medium businesses could be at the mercy of external factors; however, with a fixed-rate contract, you’ll receive total peace of mind for electricity over your selected contract length.

Shield – Fixed-price electricity contracts for SMEs

Shield Electricity is our fixed-price electricity contract, designed primarily for small and medium businesses. Helping you budget accurately, Shield is perfect for businesses who value budget certainty above everything else.

Shield Electricity offers a range of benefits:

  • Fixed price, for great protection against market fluctuations and more accurate budgeting
  • Automated meter reading services, ideal for busy professionals
  • Contract lengths between 12 and 42 months, providing long-term protection
  • Free online access to your account

Switching to Gazprom Energy

Complementing our simple and efficient fixed-rate electricity product, switching is effortless. At Gazprom Energy, we provide a simple five-step switching process, helping you to benefit from our leading customer service sooner than you might have thought. 

To start the process of switching, use our quick quote tool for a free, no-obligation quote. Alternatively, get in touch with the Gazprom Energy team on 0333 443 2569. 

If you’re happy with our quote, simply sign an online energy supply agreement and then we’ll do the rest.

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