Become one of our Energy Brokers

Given our commitment and dedication to customer service, we’re always looking for experienced energy brokers who share our passion for providing fair, honest and transparent business energy advice.

 Every day, we work in partnership with selected energy brokers and consultants to bring businesses competitive gas and electricity contracts.

Becoming a Gazprom Energy broker

 To apply to become a Gazprom Energy broker, first you must contact our Tenders team to request a no obligation broker questionnaire. This is used to collect information about your business, and will be used as part of our compliance assessment.

 If you meet the criteria, we’ll draw up a Brokerage Agreement outlining our obligations as a supplier, as well as our payment terms. Once the Agreement is in place, our Tenders team will contact you to explain the process and provide pricing templates so that you may begin requesting quotes for your clients. We will also give you access to our online broker portal, and demonstrate how to make full use of all its functionality.

 To request a broker questionnaire, please contact our Tenders team by one of the following means:


T: 0161 837 3389