Business gas

Thanks to a selection of fixed, pass-through and flexible gas products, Gazprom Energy can help you to effectively manage your business gas costs.

From small start-ups to large, well-known brands, we’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their business goals, whether it’s managing energy costs or making the most of a fluctuating market.

How Gazprom Energy’s business gas contracts could work for you

There are many benefits to entrusting your business gas to Gazprom Energy, including:

  • Help and support from our UK-based customer service team
  • We’re a multiple award-winning team with over 15 years’ experience
  • We offer our eligible customers free AMR/smart meters
  • All of our customers are given access to our online customer portal
  • We’re globally recognised, and part of one of the world’s largest gas companies

How to switch your commercial gas to Gazprom Energy

In five simple steps, you can switch from your current supplier to our award-winning service with ease. Get the wheels in motion with our handy how-to guide here, or alternatively, give the video below a watch:


Moving from your old supplier to Gazprom Energy takes a minimum of 15 working days, during which we’ll do all the legwork. Please note, your Gazprom Energy gas supply can’t begin until your existing business gas contract has been terminated.

View our business gas contract options

Fixed-rate contracts

In need of a business gas contract that provides total protection and peace of mind against changes in third-party charges and market fluctuation? Our fully fixed gas is perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Pass-through contracts

For protection against potential price rises in the gas market while taking advantage of any third-party charges decreasing, pass-through contracts offer protection and opportunities to make great savings.  

Flexible purchasing contracts

If you’re a larger business, then flexible purchasing allows you to monitor the gas market and make informed purchasing decisions – for complete energy management control.

Eco Gas

For businesses focused on their environmental credentials, our Eco Gas contract delivers environmentally-friendly energy services without compromising on quality and price.

How does business gas pricing work?

Gas prices can change quickly depending on supply and demand, political changes and even the weather.  

For this reason, many businesses opt for fixed-rate tariffs, since this protects them from potential price rises if energy costs go up and variable rates increase.

Business gas tariffs are made up of two charges. The unit rate is what you pay for each unit of gas used and is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). The second charge is the standing charge and is the fee paid to your energy supplier on a daily basis for service maintenance and account management.

How to receive accurate bills

There are ways to ensure you receive more accurate bills. Submitting your monthly meter readings to your supplier and having an AMR (automated meter read) device installed allows your bill to be calculated based on your actual consumption, while smart meters let you refine and control your usage, making them essential for a wider business energy plan.

Why compare business gas contracts?

Talking to experienced business energy professionals can provide the insights you need to find the most suitable business gas deal for your requirements. These insights will help you understand the different types of business gas contracts, the terms included on billings, the benefits they provide and the costs they’ll incur.

When you’re armed with all the information, you’ll be better placed to compare the different business gas contracts that are available to you.  

For more on finding the best deal, view our guide on how to compare business gas quotes.

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