Pass-through gas contracts

Gazprom Energy’s True Gas product balances a little risk with potential reward.

Designed and built for businesses of any size who can afford a little breathing space in their energy budget, pass-through gas contracts from Gazprom Energy allow customers to take advantage of potential reductions in third-party costs. All third-party price reductions will be passed on to you through bi-annual rate adjustments – opening up the potential for great savings. 

True – A pass-through gas contract from Gazprom Energy

True gas is our pass-through gas product – built for businesses willing to accept a little bit of risk to potentially reap rewards. True offers a range of benefits: 

  • Pay the true price of the gas your business uses – so if the third-party charges associated with your supply drop, then so will your gas bills.
  • Monitor your gas usage and spend by accessing your account online – perfect for owners, accountants, managers and energy specialists.
  • Accurate bills thanks to our automated meter reading service.
  • The freedom to sign contract lengths from 12 months to five years, up to four years in advance.*

Switching to Gazprom Energy

To begin the process of switching, simply get in touch with the Gazprom Energy team by emailing us or calling us on 0333 443 2569 for a no-obligation quote.

If you’re happy with our quote, simply sign an online energy supply agreement and complete a registration form, and then we’ll do the rest.

*Length of advanced contract dependent on product

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