Energy information

The Gazprom Energy team is dedicated to providing total clarity on our products and the wider energy market.

We believe this helps our customers better understand their gas and electricity needs and opportunities – and steers them towards more informed decisions that benefit their businesses in the long-term.

To help shed light on Gazprom Energy’s activities and the energy market as a whole, we have collated a series of resources. Delving into the latest industry developments, we’re able to share the most pertinent pieces of news for our customers – which could, in turn, benefit their energy buying decisions.

Keep up to date with energy markets

The latest market news and reports are made available below – perfect for those looking to learn more about the energy industry. Alongside this, regulatory information is provided to ensure all our customers have access to up-to-date legislation and policy decisions.

Providing access to these is just part of our ongoing pledge to ensure our customers are presented with all the vital information they need to make the most beneficial energy procurement decisions for their businesses. 

Business energy customers are invited to sign up to our gas and electricity reports – ensuring they’re kept informed of industry activity.

Introducing Gazprom Energy

At Gazprom Energy, we understand that our customers are placing an important responsibility in our hands.

As such, we believe it is vital they have insight into our team – and can find out more about the experts helping them manage their business energy. 

Our Meet the Team page introduces our Corporate Accounts team, professionals with a huge wealth of industry knowledge.

Their bios provide a summary of their career backgrounds and shed light on their passion for providing the best service for business energy customers.