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From our carbon reports to day-ahead forecasting, you can subscribe to all of our gas and electricity market reports right here on our market news and reports page.

We understand that the cost of energy is one of the biggest overheads our corporate customers face and you need to make multiple purchasing decisions throughout the year, which is why we offer insight into the UK energy market in the form of our free market forecasting and reports.

By following the fluctuations in the cost of gas and electricity and monitoring other factors that affect energy prices, you can take better control of your energy costs.

Coupled with access to a team of market specialists on our Energy Procurement Desk (who are always available to offer help and guidance on the market and your energy costs), our free market reports can help you to make better-informed energy decisions.

For more information on all of our free market reports and forecasting tools, and to subscribe to our market report mailing list, see below.

To learn more about our different market reports and newsletters please read on:

Customer Newsflash

Newsflashes are designed to keep you informed of important developments and are sent as and when we receive important news snippets. These can include:

  • Substantial market changes

  • Policy announcements and industry updates

  • Links to useful information

  • Last fixing dates – for Gazprom Energy flex customers

Daily Market Report

This report gives an indication of the Gas and Power market movements across Europe in a short daily commentary. Subscribe below to have it delivered straight to your inbox. 

Carbon Market Report:

This report gives an indication of the EUA and CER market movement as well as a brief commentary. This is a weekly report and we hope you will find it useful.

Should you have any questions regarding the report or the current market position please call our Carbon Desk team on 0161 837 3381.

Price Updates:

These reports give an indication of the Gas and Power market price movements across Europe, they are sent out in the morning and afternoon Monday-Friday. We hope you will find the reports useful.

Should you have any questions regarding the report or the current market position please call our Trading Desk team on 0161 837 3381.

Small Business Update:

This is a report created specifically for SME customers. It is sent once a week and updates readers in a simple, easy to understand format. These can include:

  • Market breakdown over the previous week

  • Changing factors

  • Graphs depicting effects on gas price

UK Gas Price Comparison:

This report tracks the movement of fixed term UK contract prices over the last 12 months.

French Gas Price Comparison:

This report tracks the movement of PEG NORD contract prices over the last 12 months.

Legal Disclaimer:
Any pricing, market information and/or commentary contained in this Daily Continental Energy Market Report (“Information”) is provided for general information purposes only. All prices are indicative and are not based on tradable prices and/or volumes. For the avoidance of doubt, Gazprom Energy expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the Information provided, or as to the fitness of the Information for any purpose. Recipients of the Daily Energy Market Report must not rely on the Information and must take appropriate steps to verify such Information before acting upon it.

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