Meet the Energy Procurement team

Our Energy Procurement Desk team ensures that our customers are kept up to date with the energy industry as well as executing transactions for customers on flexible gas and electricity contracts and those wishing to buy or sell carbon credits.

By keeping a close eye on the energy industry at all times, the energy procurement team can help our customers react to industry changes with great flexibility and agility.

Our team will be able to assist you and your business with any trading, contract or position queries you may have. Using their extensive experience, the energy procurement team can help your business better control its energy costs by providing the information and tools you need to make decisions on gas, electricity and carbon transactions. Building close relationships with our customers, the team takes the time to understand the unique needs and requirements of each of our corporate accounts.

As a direct point of contact for your business, the Energy Procurement Desk team will quickly come to discover what you require from your business energy contract, and will help you achieve it as efficiently as possible.

The Energy Procurement Desk team provides support to our customers in the UK, Ireland, France and the Netherlands, and is committed to developing and producing value-adding reports for all internal and external stakeholders.

The Energy Procurement Desk team ensures our customers are kept up to date with everything that’s going on in the energy industry and wholesale markets, giving you the freedom to individually tailor the reports you receive.

Using our new energy management tool, InSight, the Energy Procurement Desk team are able to offer energy managers a view of the market 24/7. Providing fast access to vital information, InSight enables energy managers to respond quicker to market changes – benefitting from favourable conditions as soon as they occur.

Your direct point of call for executing flexible gas, electricity and carbon trades.

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