tom meredith gazprom energy

Tom Meredith, Customer Relationship Analyst

Please tell us a bit about your professional background, what attracted you to working at Gazprom Energy, and how long you’ve been with the business.

I have been with Gazprom Energy since 2014, and was originally a member of the Mid-Market sales team. My previous employment was at a large foreign exchange brokerage, where I worked in business development. This was where I learned first-hand about the dynamics of a marketplace – how it not only affects and drives your customers, but also your company activity.

What is your position within the team, and what does your role involve day-to-day?

I am the face and voice of the Energy Procurement Desk, providing comprehensive market overviews and presentations. I spend time out of the office, meeting our customers and building strong relationships. I also combine this with demonstrations of InSight, our new risk management portal.

What makes Gazprom Energy different to other business energy suppliers?

Gazprom Energy maintains a personable approach that often gets lost within large corporations. All employees, whether it’s the CEO or department heads, will engage in the day-to day operations of the company, and there are no barriers to prevent dialogue between management or different departments.

At Gazprom Energy, the focus is on ensuring that employees are prioritised, and that very need is looked after; this is evident in the fact we have achieved the Gold status for the Investors in People Accreditation.

What do you find enjoyable and satisfying about your role within the business?

Personally, I find that every day is different due to the environment in which we operate. Markets are dynamic and ever-changing; therefore, the system can be long or short and we can have a rally in the market. This could mean that tens of customers call in to trade while others are holding off, which often provides valuable insight for a customer’s trading strategy.

What skills has your role enabled you to develop, and how do you put these into practice to benefit our customers?

I have always had strong communication skills, and this has assisted with my customer presentations – which have improved considerably (but are not yet perfected!) Engaging with our customers and building rapport has enabled Gazprom Energy to forge strong relationships; information that is provided to customers must be concise and accurate, and my ability to deliver this has developed dramatically since moving into my role.