Changes to profile class 05 - 08 (Mod P272)

Changes to profile class 05 - 08 electricity meter classifications (Modification P272)

What is happening?

As part of an industry-wide mandatory change, all energy suppliers need to comply with the requirements affecting all customers with profile class 5 – 8 meters where advanced meter reading capability is in place.

These meters will no longer be settled as Non Half-Hourly (NHH) with the usual register meter reads. Instead they will be settled as Half Hourly (HH) using batches of HH data. These changes are being introduced as part of a modification known as P272.  The deadline change over date for all advanced meters is 1st April 2017.

What’s changing?

  • All customers with a NHH profile Class 5 – 8 advanced meter need to move to HH settlement
  • Gazprom Energy customers will see a difference in the price they are charged as HH contracts are priced very differently to NHH
  • The bills that customers receive will look different
  • A site visit may be required so that the meter can be reconfigured, but this is only likely to happen in rare circumstances
  • We will no longer be in a position to price any new 05-08 meters that are not advanced.  Any 05-08 meters that are advanced will be offered a HH contract before 1st April 17.  After this date all applicable meters should be transferred to HH metering.

What is Gazprom Energy doing?

Any advanced metered 05-08 profile contracts that are up for renewal before April 17 can only be offered a new Half Hourly contract either as a Whole Current (WC) or Current Transformer (CT) dependent on the supply type.

All advanced metered contracts that expire after April 17 will have their current contract changed from a NHH contract to a new HH contract ensuring we can correctly settle the sites.

If you are currently a 05-08 profile customer and your meter is not advanced then we will endeavor to contact you separately to arrange for the appropriate meter upgrade.

Please note: Customers with a ‘Current Transformer’ contract should also receive a communication from their Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to confirm their Maximum Import Capacity. You may want to review the figure they set to make sure they’re right for your business as you could be charged if you exceed them.

Key Points for profile Class 5-8 customers

  • The settlement requirements for profile Class 5 – 8 meters is an industry-wide mandatory change, that all suppliers are required to comply with.
  • Data will be provided on a half hourly basis rather than a monthly register reading which will give customers and suppliers access to the latest available data at a more granular level.
  • Any Advanced 05-08 profile customer can now only be offered a HH contract by Gazprom Energy when their current agreement expires.
  • Any Advanced 05-08 profile contracts that expire after the industry deadline date of 1st April 17 will be contacted directly to advise of their new arrangements.

Key points for brokers/partners

  • Be aware of the changes and the timelines for renewals and new business.
  • Let your customers know about the changes and the implications for them.

For further information please visit the OFGEM website or speak to your usual Gazprom Energy contact.