Dan Thornalley

dan thornalley gazprom energy

Dan Thornalley, Corporate Account Manager

Please tell us a bit about your professional background, what attracted you to working at Gazprom Energy, and how long you’ve been with the business.

I first fell into the energy industry after finishing university and applying for a job at a small consultancy just up the road from my parents’ house. I then became more curious about commodity markets and wondered what it would be like to work for a supplier, so I took a role in the Mid-Market team at Gazprom Energy.

I spent two years in that role, after which I was then offered a position at energy consultancy Bergen Energi (now Kinect energy), working with flexible pan-European clients which helped develop my knowledge enormously. I have very recently re-joined Gazprom Energy and now work in the Corporate Accounts Team where I can apply the knowledge I gained in my previous role.

I was attracted to re-joining Gazprom Energy because it gives the opportunity to work with some large clients. The business has market-leading products and there is always the opportunity to learn something new in the energy market. I also have the opportunity of working with some of the best people in the energy sector.

What is your position within the team, and what does your role involve day-to-day?

In my position as Corporate Account Manager my day-to-day work involves managing relationships with third-party intermediaries (TPIs) and a handful of large flexible purchasing customers. This means resolving any issues, arranging renewal and new business contracts, and being the contact for all questions from end customers and TPIs.

What makes Gazprom Energy different to other business energy suppliers?

Gazprom Energy has a culture based on passion for delivering a good service, listening to customer needs, and really thinking like a customer rather (than simply thinking of ourselves and what we want from a supply contract). It also has a humble workforce in my opinion, with people who are approachable and good fun to be around – which, without being biased, surely makes us different to competitors.

What do you find enjoyable and satisfying about your role within the business?

My role is different from one day to the next and I enjoy visiting and speaking to different TPIs and customers. The role is structured, while also offering the flexibility to perform it in your own style. It’s nice to be able to add a bit of your own personality in how you manage your customers/TPIs.

What skills has your role enabled you to develop, and how do you put these into practice to benefit our customers?

My knowledge of the European commodity energy markets has developed, as well as my knowledge of specific supplier products. I have also gained an understanding of customer’s risk strategies, which better enables me to discuss supply solutions with clients to cater for their risk appetites.