Switching to Gazprom Energy

Is your contract due for renewal? In just five simple steps, you can switch your business gas or electricity to Gazprom Energy.

Switching business energy supplier might sound like hassle, but at Gazprom Energy we like to make it as simple as possible. In five easy steps, you can move from your current supplier to one of our small business energy contracts, and start to feel the benefit of our award-winning service.

Transferring your energy supply to Gazprom Energy couldn’t be easier, and to demonstrate just how simple it is, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining our five-step switching process.

Switch to Gazprom Energy in five simple steps

 From getting a quote to receiving your welcome pack, transferring your energy supply to us is an easy five-step process — as the video below demonstrates.


Step 1: Get in touch with the Gazprom Energy team

To begin the switching process, you’ll need to get in touch with the helpful Gazprom Energy team. You can do so by phone on 0161 837 3379, on our contact page or by requesting a free, no-obligation business energy quote.

Receiving an energy quote is simple, and you can get one in as little as 60 seconds. We’ll give you a quote based on your current business energy consumption, so you can find out how much you’re likely to pay for gas and electricity once you’ve made the switch to us.

Step 2: Complete the registration form

Once you’ve accepted your energy quote and we’ve set up the right contract for your business needs, we’ll send you a registration form to complete. When you return the completed form to us, we’ll begin the transfer process and, provided there are no issues with your current supplier, your energy supply will be transferred to Gazprom Energy.

Step 3: Contact your existing supplier

It’s important to contact your existing energy supplier to provide notice of your intention to terminate your current energy contract, and to check any additional requirements you may need to fulfil before your supply can be transferred.

We’d recommend contacting your current supplier early in the switching process to avoid any delays when moving your energy supply to Gazprom Energy. Should your supplier object to the switch, this may result in a delay to your transfer.

Step 4: Receive your welcome pack

Once everything is confirmed and your supply has been successfully transferred to Gazprom Energy, we’ll send you a welcome pack containing helpful information you may need to refer to in the future, including your account number and some useful contact numbers should you need to get in touch with us.

Your welcome pack also contains an example invoice, so you can understand exactly what you’ll see on your first energy bill from Gazprom Energy. This example bill features helpful annotations, explaining what each itemised charge is, and how it will appear on your first invoice. You can also access these guides on our how to understand your bills page.

Step 5: Let us know your meter reading

Finally, it’s important that you send us an up-to-date meter reading as soon as your supply has been transferred to us. This ensures that we can bill you accurately, and that there are no problems with your first invoice.

Submitting a meter reading to Gazprom Energy is simple, and you can do so over the phone or via our meter reading submission portal. If you have any problems reading your gas or electricity meter, take a look at our meter readings help and support page.

Ready to switch?

If you’re ready to make the switch to Gazprom Energy, click the ‘get a quote’ button below or call our team on 0161 837 3379. If you have any further questions about our energy supply switching process, it may be answered in our FAQs.

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