With our exclusive business placements and apprenticeship schemes, we offer great opportunities for students and young people to build a successful career in the business energy sector.

As Gazprom Energy continues to evolve, we’re always looking for talented people who can bring fresh, innovative ideas to the business — and believe that students and young people have a lot to offer in this area.

 As such, we offer both business placements and apprenticeships for students keen to kick-start their career. Find out more about our apprenticeship scheme and business placements below.

Business placements

 If you’re interested in an exciting career in the energy sector, why not gain valuable hands-on experience by taking part in our business placement scheme?

 Available exclusively to undergraduate students, our business placements provide the opportunity to get real-world experience working for a rapidly growing company. You’ll work on real projects and tasks, and gain skills that could set you up for an exciting career in the future.

 Our business placements are offered in the areas of marketing and finance, and provide students with a great opportunity to network and build contacts before they enter the real world of work following their tenure at university. Each placement takes place over twelve months and offers the perfect way to gain experience for a CV.

Apprenticeship schemes

 Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular route for students, and at Gazprom Energy, we’ve partnered with the Apprentice Academy to deliver our own apprenticeship scheme for those considering a career in the energy sector.

 Providing a practical route into the sector, our apprenticeship programme is designed to give students a taste for real working life, and is perfect for those who want to develop industry-specific skills quickly. For more information about our flexible apprenticeship scheme, click here.

 For more information on our student work placements and apprenticeships, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page, or by calling 0845 230 0011.