Tips for applying for a role with Gazprom Energy

We want to give candidates the best chance of success in our recruitment process. Take a look at our tips to make your application stand out, from your initial online approach to the interview stage.

Research the role and our company

Take time to research the role before submitting your application, ensuring that your skills and experience match the requirements listed on the job specification. Your online application should demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, with your CV and cover letter tailored to the role, determining exactly how your skills will be a good fit for the position. 

We’re also looking to see that you’ve researched our business and what we offer, and this will be assessed during both the application and interview stages. Take time to explore the Gazprom Energy website, retaining as much information as you can about who we are, what we do and who our customers are. This will stand you in good stead if you’re selected for an interview.  

Demonstrate your experience and commitment

You'll stand out if you show that you are at ease with change and with working in a fast-paced environment.  If you're always looking at how things can be improved, want to learn and move your career forward, be sure to show us that in your application and at interview. 

Be professional, yet personable 

Of course, you should demonstrate an interest in the energy industry and in working for us.  At the same time you should be yourself - we want you to fit into the organisation and the team, but the interview is just as much a chance for you to find out if you want to work here.

Understand our competency questions

The competencies we assess will very much depend on the role you are interviewing for.  In general we assess communication, innovation, excellence and teamwork, so you should be able to give us solid examples of when and how you have demonstrated these behaviours.