Tips for interviewing with Gazprom Energy

An interview can be a daunting task, but here at Gazprom Energy we want to make sure that all our applicants know what to expect and are well prepared.

Do some research

Take the time to fully explore our 'careers with us' pages, but also the Gazprom Energy website as a whole, to get an understanding of who we are, what we do, our values and vision for the future.  You may also want to go beyond our website and research industry news and media, to give you a broader insight into Gazprom Energy, general industry trends, as well as opportunities and challenges that will help show your commercial awareness at interview.

Know your CV

Have a clear, succinct CV and be able to elaborate on any of the points including gaps, career breaks, reasons for leaving previous jobs and your motivation for taking subsequent roles. Ensure your CV is up to date and highlights your most relevant experience. 

Specific CV tips include:

  • Position the most relevant points first where they are most apt to be read
  • Highlight strengths most relevant to the specific job opportunity and role
  • Call attention to your achievements by including results and supporting data
  • Use bullet points with short sentences to structure the body of your CV
  • Update your CV frequently to ensure that your most recent accomplishments are captured

Read through the job description and ensure you are familiar with it 

Read through the job description carefully, identifying your experiences that demonstrate the skills or knowledge required. Writing down examples of situations that particularly highlight your relevant skills and knowledge is a good way of committing these to memory and making them accessible when it comes to the interview itself.

Know our company values

At Gazprom Energy, we have three core values - innovation, passion for excellence, growth and learning and teamwork. You should familiarise yourself with these values, think about the behaviours associated with these and have some examples prepared to show how you have demonstrated these in previous roles, linking them to information provided in your CV.

Prepare some questions

At the end of the interview there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the role, the team or the company as a whole. Preparing these in advance will ensure you get the most out of your interview.

Plan your route

Our offices are served by a number of different transport options.  We advise you to plan your route using the most appropriate means of travel and to allow plenty of time to get here.  Traffic is occasionally a problem, so if you’re travelling by car, leave plenty of time for your journey.  Please call ahead and speak to a member of the resourcing team if you are delayed and think you might not make the start time of your interview.

Dress code

We operate a smart business wear dress code.  We would appreciate you dressing in a similar manner for your interview.