Why join us

We believe everyone should be passionate about growth and learning which is why we’re committed to the professional development of our employees.

Every employee has a personal development plan to map their learning objectives and track their progress. You can learn and develop in a variety of ways at Gazprom Energy and we support the 70:20:10 model for learning and development whereby 70 per cent of everything we learn comes from experience, 20 per cent comes through social interaction and 10 per cent of our learning comes through formal education or training activities.

Core Offer

We offer a variety of Core Offer workshops, designed to build the knowledge, skills, experiences and behaviours of our employees. Learning activities are grouped into three streams:

- Organisational & Industry Awareness
- Professional Skills
- Management & Leadership

Professional qualifications

Excellence is part of our DNA so if you want to become a specialist in your field we’re happy to support professional qualifications.

Peer-to-peer learning

As well as professional training we encourage employees to teach and learn from one another. Peer-to-peer learning can be ‘on the job’ training, coaching or job shadowing and it isn’t only part of your induction; you can learn from your colleagues at any time. Our Lunchtime Learning initiative is a great way to learn but also an opportunity to share your knowledge with others.


There are opportunities to spend time on secondment to develop skills and capabilities by learning about another part of our business.


We believe mentoring is a valuable and rewarding learning and development activity. After a small scale mentoring pilot in 2013, we recently launched a company-wide mentoring scheme in collaboration with our parent company GM&T. Employees can apply to be both a mentor or a mentee and our learning and development team asks you to complete a development profile so you can be paired with someone who is a good match.


Learning from the world’s most knowledgeable business authors is a great a way to expand your knowledge so all of our employees have access to getAbstract, an online library of business book summaries. You can download five page summaries in PDF, Kindle or iBook format to read at your leisure.

Career development

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