Business sustainability benchmarking tool

How far is your business on its sustainability journey? Check your progress with our business sustainability benchmarking tool.

In a study of large and medium-sized businesses across the UK, we found that many businesses have already taken their first steps on the journey towards carbon neutrality. In fact, 65% of businesses already have a sustainability plan in place and 40% claim to have made a zero-carbon pledge.

However, the same study found that many businesses lack the knowledge to fulfil net-zero objectives. There’s a significant difference in awareness between the most common sustainability strategies and the more elaborate efficiency measures. For example, awareness of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), is almost half (48% less) that of well-known measures like energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling.

Many organisations with the best of intentions are hindered by not having a clear picture of where they are on their green journey. This knowledge is crucial for both identifying the most pressing next steps and keeping pace with their peers.

Benchmark your business’s sustainability evolution

An organisation cannot develop a realistic net-zero pledge without knowing where it is on its sustainability journey. Understanding where you are can help you define and plan your next steps. This knowledge is also crucial for forming comparisons with other, similar businesses.

Our benchmarking tool aims to help your business to benchmark its current green evolution against the UK average and explore the drivers of and barriers to change. Our ultimate goal is to help business leaders understand how to further their plans and safeguard a sustainable and financially secure future.

Choose an option from each of the nine sustainability measures and generate a point score placing your business within a percentile of the UK average. You’ll also receive information on how to take the next step on your journey to net-zero.