Industrial Chemicals Ltd

Information and flexibility saves Industrial Chemicals on its gas and electricity

A flexible contract and market knowledge on tap are the foundations of Industrial Chemicals’ relationship with Gazprom Energy, and help the business to make savings on its significant energy overheads. Industrial Chemicals processes around one million tonnes of material every year, manufacturing chemicals for use across a range of sectors. It’s unavoidably high gas and electricity consumption makes energy a significant overhead for the business. 

In addition to supplying gas across five of Industrial Chemicals’ sites since 2010, Gazprom Energy was appointed in 2015 to supply power to its chlor-alkali electrolyser facility. The site uses high voltages to split compound chemicals, in a process that consumes the highest amount of electricity in the business’ portfolio. As a result, informed decision-making and the flexibility to respond quickly to market changes are crucial to Industrial Chemicals’ energy procurement strategy if it is to avoid significant unnecessary costs.

Darren Sharpe, Energy Projects Manager at Industrial Chemicals, explains: “Our electricity consumption has increased across our portfolio over recent years and the chlor-alkali electrolyser requires a significant amount of power every year. Because of this, flexibility was a core part of our decision making in awarding this contract to help us achieve savings on a site where our consumption is essential to our business."

“We receive market information and clarification on regulation changes from Gazprom Energy with insights into how these may have an impact on our energy costs”, continued Darren. “For example, over winter when Triads are in effect we receive a warning service which allows us to help minimize costs on these potential spikes in price."

“Detail like this is always shared quickly and accurately and can help influence our buying decisions and when to lock in gas and power – helping saving us significantly on energy.”

The challenge:

Deliver a flexible power contract that allowed Industrial Chemicals to reduce the cost of a significant energy consumption

The solution:

A bespoke contract, tailored to Industrial Chemicals’ needs that is inherently flexible

The benefits:

  • Flexibility that allows Industrial Chemicals to lock in gas and power as and when it needs to
  • Regular information on regulation and legislation that could affect energy cost
  • A long-term account manager who understands Industrial Chemicals and what it needs from its energy supplier