London Borough of Merton

Accurate, simple reports from Gazprom Energy allow the London Borough of Merton to factor its gas costs into broader council spending more easily, while automated meter reading technology ensures it can avoid unnecessary periods of high consumption.

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“While price is always an important consideration when it comes to our utilities contracts, it’s crucial that our partners are willing to be flexible to our specific needs. Gazprom Energy provide us with a detailed, bespoke report on our monthly cost that’s designed to integrate seamlessly with our own reporting systems,” explains Richard Neal, Energy Administration Officer at London Borough of Merton.

“Since we have 166 sites, collating this information ourselves wouldn’t be feasible if it required us to spend time sifting through different documents. Having our monthly gas cost shared with us in a format that we can integrate into our own systems means reporting this on a monthly basis is as simple as possible, saving us time in what could be an arduous process.”

Accurate consumption data is essential for Gazprom Energy to provide a bespoke report every month. To achieve this, the Council has automated meter reading (AMR) technology across all of these sites to provide half-hourly data on consumption across its portfolio. Richard said: “Data is crucial for us. With such a large portfolio we need to have the ability to spot any anomalies quickly and centrally. For example, if a building is not in use – for example a school during the summer break – we need to be assured that energy consumption is at the level it should be. If the heating is left on, for example, this can result in a significant unnecessary cost. AMR allows us to review consumption data easily and avoid these risks from becoming a problem.”

The challenge:

Deliver bills across London Borough of Merton’s portfolio that can aid their reporting and ensure they can monitor energy spend.

The solution:

A multi-site contract that ensures accurate billing information on a monthly basis. AMR technology that provides the council with half-hourly gas consumption analytics.

The benefits:

  • Accurate and simple bills provided on a month-by-month basis that the council can integrate into their own reporting.
  • Real-time access to consumption data that ensures the council can avoid any unnecessary gas use