Established for almost 170 years, global engineering company Siemens manufactures many of the items we now rely on in everyday life.

With such an extensive product and service portfolio and hundreds of offices and industrial plants to power, Siemens has a substantial energy requirement, which the internal energy team relies on Gazprom Energy to provide.

“Successful complex energy buying is obviously very much about price and capacity but it also needs to be backed by strong customer service to ensure that both the trading and billing and payment aspects of the job are as efficient as possible; that’s what our partnership with Gazprom Energy has given us” - Chris Robinson, Energy Commodity Manager.   

As a major area of spend at Siemens, it's essential for Chris to work alongside an energy supplier that delivers exceptional service, is reliable, and has extensive knowledge of the market.

We're proud to offer a suite of fixed and flexible business energy products which we can tailor to your specific requirements. You can find out more here. 

Understand how a responsive partnership approach, alongside excellent customer service and support, is helping Siemens to effectively meet the energy needs of its internal customers.

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