The University of Manchester

Gazprom Energy has worked with The University of Manchester since 2009. Recently renewing the contract following a competitive tender process, the move will see us supply gas to a considerable number of the university’s 300+ sites up until 2023.

The university was seeking a relationship where the billing of the energy supply is managed seamlessly, reducing the need for unnecessary involvement of the university staff. To enable the university to analyse energy usage data, the team also looked for a supplier that could provide detailed consumption reports. Gazprom Energy offers this through automated meter reading technology as well as support from a dedicated account manager. 

During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, despite students not being present at the university, energy usage only dropped by around 20-25% due to the nature of many of the scientific instruments kept on-site at the university. Some of these instruments need a constant energy supply, so cannot be switched off.

Lee Barlow, Finance and Administration Manager at The University of Manchester commented: “Our contract with Gazprom Energy has always been really straightforward. We have never experienced any issues with them as a supplier, and our account has been looked after incredibly efficiently.”

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Learn how Gazprom Energy created a seamless partnership with The University of Manchester to answer their sustainability requirements... 

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