Energy as a strategic priority

The current climate has proven a test for even the most stable of businesses. As such, energy and procurement managers are under an increasing amount of pressure to play their part in driving down operating costs.

We recently surveyed over two hundred energy decision makers, working in large UK-based companies, to uncover their energy management challenges, as well as priorities for the future.  


Report highlights 

  • 96% predict environmental factors will impact their energy strategy over the next two years

  • Only one third of businesses are yet to begin putting eco-friendly tactics in place

  • Market fluctuations are causing over 70% of energy managers to consider a change in strategy

  • Retailers see technology advancement as crucial to enhancing energy management

  • 79% of manufacturers surveyed want to be more eco-friendly

  • Awareness of environmental initiatives is key for the public sector


Key findings 

This report provides an in-depth analysis of how leading organisations are tackling some of today’s biggest energy challenges. We reveal how businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious, and how they are working to satisfy this requirement. The report also analyses how technology advancement is changing the energy management landscape and assesses the impact that fluctuating prices have on businesses.

With a focus on three energy-intensive industries; manufacturing; retail and the public sector, the findings highlight how each sector manages their energy strategy, as well underpinning attitudes towards energy regulation and other key topics within the industry today.


Who is the report for? 

This detailed guide provides essential insight for energy and procurement professionals, as well as for consultants within the industry.

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