The Road to Net-Zero: Business energy on the path to sustainability

Businesses have had it tough over the last decade. After recession, Brexit and the financial strain of lockdown, the pressure is on for organisations to play their part in helping to reduce the impact of climate change.

In this report we reveal the findings of our latest research on the topic of sustainability, tracking the green journeys of some of the highest energy consuming businesses in Britain.

In ‘The Road to Net-zero’ report, we aim to help organisations benchmark their current green evolution against the UK average and explore the drivers of, and barriers to, change – with the ultimate goal of helping business leaders understand how to take the next steps and safeguard a sustainable and financially secure future for both their organisations and the planet.


Report highlights 

  • 65% of businesses already claim to have a sustainability plan in place and 40% claim to have made a zero-carbon pledge

  • All survey respondents have at least one sustainability measure in place

  • 67% report that they expect sustainability to become a more significant factor in the next 2-3 years

  • 74% are ‘very likely’ or ‘fairly likely’ to go with a ‘green’ or renewable energy supplier when their contract is next up for renewal

  • There is a 48% difference in awareness between the most common sustainability strategies and more elaborate efficiency measures

  • Sustainability is third on businesses’ priority lists, behind reducing consumption and working to reduced budgets


Key findings 

This report reveals current levels of business awareness and understanding of the different strategies and tactics to achieve sustainability targets. It also analyses whether organisations have a sufficient grasp of the measures they can take to reduce carbon emissions. 


Who is the report for? 

This report provides essential insight for organisations that would like to benchmark where they are in their green journey in comparison to other, similar businesses. It’s a useful resource for all organisations, but particularly those in industries such as the public sector, where there may be regulatory requirements to achieve specific sustainable objectives.  The report offers guidance and support on how organisations can further reduce their carbon footprint and improve their green credentials.

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