Understand your true energy usage with our Net Energy Consumption Calculator

Why is it important to understand organisational Net Energy Consumption?

In a recent study of business energy consumers, Gazprom Energy found that 40% of large and medium sized businesses have pledged to go carbon neutral. This is a positive step toward a greener future – but to be effective, any sustainability pledge should be backed up by a realistic plan of action.

Understanding the size of your challenge by getting better visibility of the energy consumed across your organisation is a great first step on this journey. But that may not be as simple as it seems. With hybrid working becoming more common, businesses may want to account for their ‘Net Energy Consumption’, including the energy employees are using while working from home, when considering progress toward any sustainability initiatives.

How has the shift to hybrid working affected Net Energy Consumption?

The pandemic has seen a period of great change and transformation in the workplace, with employees across the country settling into a routine of remote working. Organisations have seen the benefits of a hybrid working model, with it holding potential for increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

The permanent shift to a hybrid workforce model is inevitable; it will define the post-pandemic workplace and will be the new norm for many businesses moving forward. As a result, the amount of energy consumed by businesses has changed. Both workplace and personal energy consumption for work purposes has fluctuated, leading to net changes in overall usage for businesses in different industry sectors.

While restrictions have been in place over the last 12 months, our research has revealed the average energy consumption by businesses fell by 6% versus 2019.

However, the rise of homeworking meant that personal energy use increased by 37%, with those who work from home needing to power personal computers, heating systems, laptops and other electronic devices or appliances. As a result, business energy consumption was transferred to some degree, when allowances for increased personal use are accounted for.

With governments worldwide setting carbon reduction targets and the introduction of stricter energy use regulations looking more likely than ever before, there is no better time to start improving your business’s energy efficiency. Calculating your net business energy usage is the first step in keeping your business compliant, energy-efficient and cost-effective on the road to net zero.

How can I reduce my business’s Net Energy Consumption?

If you’re interested in improving your business’s energy efficiency, we’ve captured plenty of advice and best practice on our blog.