Bills & payments

Understanding your energy bill is important to ensure you’re paying for the energy you consume at the rate you agreed.

We know how difficult bills can be to decipher, which is why we've created a series of guides to help.

Thanks to our experience in helping businesses big and small manage their energy consumption; we’re well placed to offer advice on bills, payments and general enquiries relating to your business energy rates and charges.

From setting up direct debits to understanding how much VAT your business should pay on its energy bills, we can help you navigate the often confusing world of energy.

Each of the guides below offers practical advice and guidance on all aspects of paying your business energy bill, and we’ve even included tips and information on how you can make improvements in the future. By fully understanding your energy contract, as well as individual bills, you can always ensure you’re paying the right amount for the energy you use.

As well as comprehensive guides, our bills and payments page also features an extensive list of frequently asked questions, so you can find the answers to your business energy queries in one place. The bills and payments FAQ page contains lots of essential information on managing your account and paying your energy bills, making it an essential read for all of our business energy customers.

Do you have a question about your bill? Don’t hesitate to contact the Gazprom Energy team, and we’ll be happy to help. You can do so via our contact us page or by calling 0161 837 3395.