How to understand your bills

We have created a few guides to help you understand your bills. Please use the links below to download them.

We recognise that gas and electricity bills can be difficult to translate, which is why we’ve put together a few guides to help you understand them. By understanding your monthly gas and electricity invoices, you can be sure you’re always paying the correct amount for the energy used by your business.

We’re keen to offer plain and simple energy guidance to our customers, and have tried to make our bills and invoices as clear as possible. But with different charges, rates and terms, we understand why so many of our customers often find it difficult to fully understand their monthly bill.

So, to ensure all of our business energy customers know how to understand their monthly bill, we have created guides on how to understand our gas and electricity bills.

Each guide features an example bill, with specific charges and terms annotated to demonstrate what they represent. These labels correspond to a glossary detailing what each term means, so you can better understand where individual charges and units have come from.

Perfect for those who like to monitor their business overheads, these guides shed light on energy rates and charges, and could help you save by highlighting those that don’t apply to your business.

Such help and support is what you can expect as a Gazprom Energy customer. We offer award-winning customer service, and pride ourselves in being reliable and easy to work with.

Should you require further help and advice, contact us today on 0845 230 0011, or by visiting our Contact Us page.