Gas metering services

Find here answers to all of your metering queries including how to raise a faulty meter issue online, request an address change for a meter and other useful information.

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At Gazprom Energy we have a dedicated team of experts to look after your metering data. We process all file flows which help our customers have a smooth transition and ensure all their data is up to date with the industry. 

In the event of an incident, we need to ensure all data we keep is up to date and accurate. We also need to know of any issues or changes, whether there is a discrepancy with the details gained from your previous supplier or something has changed with the meter at site. 

Making sure that all our customers meter details are correct in the system is a pivotal part of ensuring we can bill all customer sites accurately.  If information is missing or incorrect this can lead to incorrect invoices and delays in getting these out.

 As the meter is at the heart of supplying gas to our customers, we take all our processes very seriously and so, when raising queries with us, detail is at the forefront of our investigations. The more details provided the more efficiently we can deal with the query, whilst complying with Gas Safety Regulations.