Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

AMR is a system that enables the ability to take a meter reading, and monitor use, without the need to physically visit the site. To enable automated meter readings you will need either a data logger (for gas) or an advanced meter (for electricity) to be installed. Click here for Meter Readings & AMR FAQ's

With automated meter reading (AMR) you don’t need to worry about taking meter readings because this data is sent to us automatically at least once a month, so we calculate your bill based on your actual consumption.

We offer free AMR to the majority of our customers (excluding customers consuming less than 293,000 kWh / 10,000 therms of gas per annum).

To enable AMR you’ll need either a data logger (for gas) or an advanced meter (for electricity) to be installed. In some cases, gas customers will need to have their meter upgraded before an AMR data logger can be installed. Both gas and electricity customers can have access to daily, weekly and monthly meter read data.

Automated meter reading means your bills are more accurate, and you can clearly apportion costs to profit or cost centres.

Benefits of AMR:

  • Minimises the need for site visits to read your meters so less disruption to your business
  • More accurate monthly bills due to reduce estimated reads
  • Transparency of data which can be analysed so that you can understand your usage, and control your energy buying
  • By pinpointing inefficiencies (which you can do using data services along with your device) you can alter your use of energy, reduce waste and potentially reduce your costs
  • Ease of access to your consumption data. You can access your data online or through bespoke reports supplied to you – just tell us what you prefer
  • Can lead to a smoother change of supply processes. You don’t have to remember to take an actual read on the day of transfer, and you shouldn’t receive an unexpected bill due to an inaccurate estimate

Am I eligible for AMR?

Gas: Any gas site with an annual quantity of consumption (AQ) greater than 293,000 kWh / 10,000 therms and any customer with a Flexible supply agreement is eligible for our free AMR service.

If you’re a smaller business, using less gas, you can still request AMR when you sign up to a contract, or by calling our team on 0845 873 2286.

Electricity: All our non half-Hourly electricity customers are eligible for our free AMR service.

If you haven’t got AMR and would like to take advantage of this service speak to our specialist AMR team on 0845 873 2286 or