How does half-hourly metering work?

Find out what a half-hourly electricity metering is, which businesses are likely to use the technology, and how half-hourly pricing differs from regular pricing in our comprehensive guide.

What is a half-hourly electricity meter?

A half-hourly electricity meter is a special type of metering system which utilises AMR (automatic meter reading) technology to provide a more accurate electricity reading. The system relies on a fixed line, which it uses to send updated meter reads to the energy supplier every half hour.

Because half-hourly meters offer remote, fully-automated reading, there’s no need to read the meter manually. Not only does this offer greater convenience for businesses, it means the supplier can be provided with an electricity meter read more frequently — allowing for accurate and up-to-date billing, with no need for estimation.

From a business perspective, there’s the added benefit of being able to access this consumption data from the supplier. By reviewing exactly when they use electricity throughout the day, businesses can work towards operating more efficiently and reducing their energy use.

Does my business need a half-hourly meter?

Half-hourly meter readers are predominantly used by large businesses and electricity intensive industries (EIIs) which consume a large amount of electricity. For businesses which consume 100 kW of electricity or greater, half-hourly meter reading is compulsory. Other businesses which have a HH electricity demand of 70 kW or above, can opt to have a HH meter installed.

If your business has recently moved to new premises and you would like to find out if the property has a HH or non-HH meter reader, it’s easy to determine which type of reader is installed by referring to a previous energy bill sent by the supplier. The bill will contain an ‘S number’ - if the number in the top left is ‘00’, there is a HH meter installed at the property.

half hourly metering pricing

How does HH billing differ from regular pricing?

Thanks to the regularity at which the supplier receives a meter read from your property, HH billing is better tailored to your requirements and usage. This is because the consumption data is much more accurate, eliminating the need for estimated billing, which usually occurs when an AMR system isn’t in place. 

P272 Mandatory HH Meter Changes

From 1 April 2017, all businesses  supplied as profile class of 05, 06, 07 or 08 with an advanced  meter capable of recording HH consumption data will no longer be settled  against a Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) read. Instead, it will become mandatory for them to be settled as Half-Hourly using HH data.

These changes are being introduced as part of an OFGEM-backed revision called P272, which requires all of the above profile class meters to switch  via a Change of Measurement Class (COMC) to a HH settled meter. The deadline change over date for all advanced meters is 1st April 2017.

Gazprom Energy is currently reviewing all of our customer contracts, and assessing if any changes are required. We want to ensure minimum disruption to our customers, so are aiming to update customer contracts at renewal where possible. There are a small number of our customers whose current contract end date is past the mandatory cut-off date.  These customers will be contacted directly to advise of the changes to their agreements which will enable them to be settled half hourly.

For more information on the P272 modification, including key points for customers, brokers and partners, please read our guide to changes to profile class 05-08.

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